Dog Theft

Unfortunately, there are more and more ads concerning lost or stolen dogs. In 2001, an estimated 60,000 dogs and cats were stolen every year in France. Today, this figure has unfortunately never decreased. Thefts of dogs often depend on the fashion effect around the breed of your dog.

The most common dog stolen ​​breeds currently are the Chihuahuas, the Carlins, the French Bulldogs, but also the Jack Russel and the Yorkshire. Their small size may explain the “ease” of stealing them. When one knows that a Chihuahua can reach the sum of 2,500 €, one understands that this can attract covetousness. These stolen dogs then pursue several paths, in the best case they can be resold to other owners who will think of buying an animal in good faith. Some dogs will be sent to the countries of Eastern Europe to become breeding dogs in breeding farms . Other unfortunates will be sold to laboratories for testing animals, or sent to countries where dog fighting is permitted.

Tips to Protect Against Dog Theft

Do not leave your dog alone outside.
Do not communicate the price of your dog breed
Tattoo and Dog Flea
Do not leave your dog alone in the car
Opt for castration or sterilization of the dog
Be on your guard when walking

what to do when your dog is stolen?

It is very complicated to know how to react to the theft of his dog . If your pet disappears, it is not necessarily that it has been made fly! He may have run away or have lost it. In case of runaway or loss you must contact the closest refuges as well as the SPA.

On the other hand, if your dog is actually stolen, you should note the day, date, place and time of the disappearance.

You should contact the police or gendarmerie closest to you as well as the SPA in your area as soon as possible. If your pet is found it is towards the latter that it will be oriented. Do not hesitate to look near the place of the disappearance of your animal, it is not to be left very far if it is a simply a fugue. You can also make posters that you can drop near your home by putting as much information as the photo, age, care necessary, if a complaint has been filed . But above all do not mention the name of your pet.

To sum up, it is up to you, your pet’s master to ensure his safety. And so make sure it does not disappear from your life, setting up good practices. By being vigilant and watching your breed dog outside the house, you already considerably reduce the risk of theft.