How often should household items be cleaned?

How often should bedding, towels, carpets and other objects be washed at home? Here is a short guide.


washing sheetsFrequency: Once a week

Washing the sheets every week is the ideal frequency, but many people also take care and wash them every two weeks.

They wash and dry themselves. If a duvet cover is part of the bedding set, it does not need to be washed each time (only once a month if a flat sheet is used).


Frequency: Every 2 to 6 months

We often do not think about cleaning our pillows, but they accumulate a lot of dirt and crap, mold and even bugs . To give you an idea, after 2 years, a decent percentage of the pillow’s weight is made up of dust!

As with pillowcases and sheets, pillows can be washed directly into the washer on a delicate type of wash. If necessary, an additional rinse can be made to ensure that the detergent is thoroughly gone.

For drying, some pillows can go to the dryer. On the other hand, foamed ones should not be dried by heat, as they could melt. They can then be dried on the rope or on a drying support station.

Blankets and throws

Frequency: As necessary

Most covers and throws can be machine washed. There is no precise frequency; They are washed when there is a stain, when the item appears dirty or when it starts to feel less fresh …

For drying a blanket, nothing better than the good old clothesline! Attention: Never twist a cover to drain it, as it may deform.

Bath towels

Frequency: 5 to 7 days

You can wash and dry the towels by the machine, but nothing is worth the freshness to dry them on a clothesline.

No softener is used for towels; This product actually makes them stiffer and less absorbent!


Frequency: Every month

If you’re wondering what the best carpet cleaning frequency is then keep reading. The vacuum cleaner is vacuumed as it is for the rest of the floors. If there is a stain on the carpet, it is treated on site with a suitable material. We do a search on the Web if necessary: ​​know the jute does not treat like wool, nor like synthetic.

Some small carpets and rugs can be washed and dried directly by machine. If so, they can be included in your weekly wash if you desire.

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